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International Journal of Foreign Trade and International Business
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2022, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part A
Recourse to conflict management: Fostering an affirmative upshot

Dr. Arunkumar B

Disagreement of opinions or conflict, as we all know is an incongruity between co-workers, friends or parties exemplified by animosity and resentment. Undoubtedly in this era of cross-cultural management and communiqué, conflict has become an unvarying and inescapable constituent of any workplace that is usually fueled by the antagonism of one party to another. Occasionally, conflicts augment as employees avow their anxiety for an amplified allocation in organizational hierarchy, in terms of financial reward, endorsement, liberty, positive reception or approbation. At times the administration also involves itself in inter-office disagreement and there are moments when skirmish arises with trade unions, civil societies, government, NGOs and varied other assemblages, which ultimately lower the morale of personnel, intensifying an upsurge in malingering and shrinkage in efficiency.
It has been assessed through research that administrators spend at least twenty-five percent of their time resolving wide-ranging scuffles, which invariably disrupt the workplace productivity. Hence, in order to manage conflicts responsibly, we need to nurture a positive atmosphere in the office, which would not only escalate the output, but would also provide us an opportunity to get to appreciate an assorted ideology or plan of action, which could in due course of time lead to more reinforced affiliations.
No doubt, managing and deciphering fracases that arise in the workplace today is one of the biggest challenges for management professionals and government alike. As such, with the help of speckled evidences and conceptual data, this paper tries to argue that by training our minds to fruitfully disentangle a skirmish, we can turn a possibly disparaging condition into an occasion for ingenuity and boosted efficiency. It might be unwieldy to ones who are tenacious in their dogmas; but there are techniques for conflict resolution and this paper highlights those very approaches.
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Dr. Arunkumar B. Recourse to conflict management: Fostering an affirmative upshot. Int J Foreign Trade Int Bus 2022;4(1):01-04. DOI: 10.33545/26633140.2022.v4.i1a.59
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